Benefits of Water Births with Dallas Midwives

Posted on December 10th, 2015 by RWM Admin Water Births Laboring in water has been called by some “the midwife’s epidural” for its dramatic effect on reducing the pain of labor. The more relaxed a woman can stay, the less intense her labor pain as she is able to embrace the contraction surges. The simple act of immersing yourself in a spacious tub of warm water immediately soothes the body, allowing buoyancy and a loss of gravity to assist with labor. Position changes are easier, there is a sense of privacy in the water and your partner can even support you in the birth tub.

Birthing Options

Regardless of if you deliver in water or “on land,” our midwives will use various methods of sensory distraction. The water is one way to distract the nervous system from registering “pain,” but if you are open to massage, we will also use pressure as a sensory distraction. These things are scientifically proven to reduce the “feeling” of pain. The brain can only interpret a certain number of sensations at one time, so positional changes, massage, water birth, essential oils and heating pads will all be offered throughout the labor process. Our midwives are experienced in attending water births, both at the birth center and in home births. They encourage women to labor and birth in any location they find comfortable. Speak with one of our midwives today to learn more about a water birth for your delivery.

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