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Posted on September 22nd, 2016 by RWM Admin

Family Centered Maternity Care has proudly been serving Frisco, TX expectant mothers since 1984 with our midwife services. Our patients have options for home births or delivering at our birth center in Garland, TX. We provide options for water births at either your home or our birth center in order to offer you as many options in order to fit in with your desires. Our birth center is located about 35 minutes away from Frisco, TX, allowing safe travels between your home and our birth center. Picking a birth center that is close to your home is always ideal if possible, as it allows our midwives to be available at little notice for emergencies or sudden labor. Anything that can be done to create peace in a mothers’ minds during childbirth is always important, and being close to our nurturing midwives is always an added bonus.

Frisco mothers have continued to choose Family Centered Maternity Care’s midwife services because of our caring midwives’ ability to provide an ideal experience which is truly unforgettable for the entire family. Many of our midwives have over 30 years of child birthing experience and will help to put your mind at ease during this experience. The trust-based relationship that our midwives build with our patients is the reason that so many of our mothers return for their second and third children. Giving birth multiple times with the same midwife can help to comfort mothers during this life changing time.

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